About Anna Roberts

Anna Roberts is a dedicated Member of Parliament known for her unwavering commitment to public service.  Her impactful advocacy spans crucial issues, particularly focused on seniors’ well-being and the fight against human trafficking. Anna has spent much of her adult life dedicated to her community through her strong record of volunteering.  Her dedication to public service has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious Ontario Provincial Volunteer Award. Acknowledged by Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital, the Salvation Army, and various community service organizations, Anna’s contributions extend to volunteering at the King City Lodge Senior’s Residence for over a decade.

Hailing from a humble background, Anna Roberts is the daughter of Italian Immigrants who was raised in a close-knit community in the GTA.  Her career in the banking and financial industry has spanned over 30 years. 

Anna’s sense of responsibility for her fellow citizens emerged early, driving her to dedicate much of her adult life to community service and volunteering. This passion for social justice ultimately propelled her into politics, marking the beginning of her political journey in 2021 when she successfully ran for local office.

In her capacity as a Member of Parliament, Anna has earned acclaim for her pragmatic approach to politics. She champions causes such as healthcare accessibility for seniors.  Her belief in protecting the most vulnerable members of society is paramount.  She wants legislative reform to combat violence against women and human trafficking. Her efforts involve collaboration with NGOs, law enforcement, to address the global dimensions of human trafficking.

Anna’s dedication to social justice extends specifically to the often-overlooked needs of seniors. Recognizing the challenges faced by this demographic, she tirelessly works to ensure their rights, healthcare, and overall quality of life are prioritized in legislative agendas. Her approach to policymaking combines compassion and determination, evident in the initiation of programs supporting seniors facing isolation, economic challenges, or abuse. Simultaneously, she has been instrumental in raising awareness about the prevalence of human trafficking, emphasizing the need for comprehensive and coordinated response. In addition to her legislative work, Anna is a staunch supporter of cultural initiatives, fostering community engagement with a leadership style characterized by empathy and a commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices.

Anna currently lives in King Township. Currently serving as a member of the King Township Accessibility Committee, she remains an energetic volunteer, youth mentor, wife, mother, and grandmother.

Anna Roberts currently holds the position of Shadow Minister for Seniors.  She is also a member on the Status of Women committee, Vice-Chair of Canada-US Interparliamentary Association, and Vice-President of the Canada-Italy Interparliamentary Group . 

Anna continues to leave an indelible mark on her constituency and the broader political landscape with showcasing her ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of Canadians.