MP Anna Roberts calls out the discrepancies following the Liberal Government’s Second Carbon Tax Plan

May 18 2023

MP Anna Roberts criticized the Liberal government’s carbon tax plan, accusing them of misleading Canadians and burdening vulnerable citizens with excessive costs. MP Anna Roberts’ argument gained strength as she cited the government’s own study, which debunked the claims made by the Liberals.

The Conservatives pointed out that the Liberal government had promised Canadians that they would receive more in rebates than what they paid in carbon taxes. However, the government’s own study ultimately proved this assertion to be false. Undeterred by the findings, the Liberals are now proposing a second carbon tax, which would further compound the financial burden on citizens.

The combined impact of these two taxes would result in an estimated $2,000 in net new costs for Canadians, surpassing any potential rebates. This comes at a time when many seniors are already struggling, with an increasing reliance on local food banks to meet their basic needs. Shockingly, the example of a local Toronto food bank was cited during the statement, revealing the severe consequences faced by these organizations. The food bank’s yearly food budget, originally set at $1.8 million, has been depleted to a mere monthly budget due to rising demand. If the Liberal government proceeds with its second tax, this food bank’s annual food budget would skyrocket to an astounding $43 million.

Highlighting the regressive nature of the carbon tax, MP Roberts referred to a report released earlier that day by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO). The report revealed that the carbon tax would disproportionately impact lower-income households, further exacerbating the financial strain on those already struggling to make ends meet.

Presenting an alternative approach, the Conservative Party pledged to reduce the tax burden imposed by the carbon tax and bring hope back to seniors. Their proposed measures aim to alleviate the financial pressure faced by Canadians, particularly those in vulnerable economic situations.

As the debate over carbon taxation continues, the Liberal government faces mounting criticism for its failure to deliver on promises made to Canadians. With MP Roberts shedding light on the adverse consequences of the carbon tax and its potential to further burden low-income households, the government will have to address these concerns and reassess its approach to ensure a fair and equitable solution for all citizens.

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